A MURAL created to celebrate a village’s heritage was unveiled this week after a year-long setback due to the pandemic.

The mural was organised as part of the Dearne Community Arts Festival which aims to bring the local community together through creativity.

Each year, a large community project is chosen in which local residents can get involved in brightening up their local area.

In 2019 the project was a mosaic which is now housed in Goldthorpe Library.

Last year’s project - the mural - had to be postponed because of the pandemic but a small team of volunteers worked throughout the week to make artist Lydia Caprani’s vision a reality.

“Lydia designed the mural which centres around an old steam train because the site is where the train would pass while the pit was still up and running,” said secretary of the festival, Julie Turner.

“Normally we would have school children in to help create the mural but because of the pandemic we had a small team of 14 volunteers who worked throughout last week to make the mural come to life.

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“I think it looks really striking and I am hoping it will brighten people’s day when they pass it. As well as this, we believe it’s one of the biggest murals in England because the wall is 70 feet long so it’s been quite an achievement.”

The mural will be available to view at Goldthorpe Railway Embankment. The site is run by Network Rail but will be open during the summer holidays for residents to be able to view.