A FORMER working men’s club battling to survive as a ‘social pub’ is pleading with the council for a reduction in its business rates.

The former Harborough Hill Working Men’s Club is now being run as Harborough Hills Social Pub.

Photographer Paul Hilton has stepped in with business partner Neil Judge to help keep the venue afloat, running as a business but with ‘social values’ at its core to keep it as an asset to the local community.

But business rates on the property are almost £600 per month and due to an expensive electric heating system electricity is costing more than £700 a month.
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They’ve applied to the council for ‘hardship relief’ assistance in the hope of bringing the buisness rates down on the basis the business provides employment and benefits the wider community.

“About 80 per cent of the population around here are elderly,” said Paul.

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