LABOUR has won all four constituencies which cover the Barnsley borough.  

Dan Jarvis has been elected in Barnsley Central with 24,982 votes - 64 per cent of the vote. Turnout was 61 per cent. 

Stephanie Peacock has been elected in Barnsley East with 24,280 votes - 60 per cent of the vote. Turnout was 59 per cent.

Mr Jarvis told the Chronicle: "I'm delighted, it's a very good result, I've increased my majority, and I just want to get back on with the job of representing the people of Barnsley Central. 
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"In an uncertain world, and what's been a very difficult time for the country, there is one thing on which you can depend and that is the basic decency and good nature of the people of Barnsley, and it's a remarkable privilege to be back for the third time."

Stephanie Peacock said: "It’s really exciting, and it’s humbling that so many people have put their trust in me. I want to hit the ground running and I want to get out and say thank you to people who’ve voted for me. I’m very grateful to everyone.

"I want to represent everyone, whether they voted for me or not.” 

In Penistone and Stocksbridge, Angela Smith has retained her seat but with a reduced majority of just 1,322. She managed 22,807 votes - 45.8 per cent, against the Conservatives 21,485 - 43.2 per cent. Turnout was 69.8 per cent. 

In Wentworth and Dearne, John Healey has retained his seat for Labour with 28,547 votes - 65 per cent. Turnout was 58.7 per cent.

Dan Jarvis, Labour: 24,982 - 63.9%

Amanda Jayne Ford, Conservative: 9,436 - 24.1%
Gavin Felton, UKIP: 3,339 - 8.5%
Richard Trotman, Green Party: 570 - 1.5%
David Ridgway, Liberal Democrats: 549 - 1.4%
Stephen Morris, English Democrats: 211 - 0.5%

Stephanie Peacock, Labour: 24,280 - 59.6%
Andrew Lloyd, Conservative: 10,997 - 27.0%
James Dalton, UKIP: 3,247 - 8.0%
Tony Devoy, The Yorkshire Party: 1,215 - 3.0%
Nicola Turner, Liberal Democrats: 750 - 1.9%

Kevin Riddiough, English Democrats: 287 - 0.7%

Angela Smith, Labour: 22,807 - 45.8%
Nicola Wilson, Conservative: 21,485 - 43.2%
John Booker, UKIP: 3,453 - 6.9%
Penny Baker, Liberal Democrats: 2,042 - 1.8%

John Healey, Labour: 28,547 - 65.0%
Steven Jackson, Conservative: 13,744 - 31.3%
Janice Middleton, Liberal Democrats:1,656 - 3.8%