THE Eat Out to Help Out scheme, which offers up to 50 per cent off any food and drinks bill at participating restaurants, has ‘doubled’ the amount of customers visiting restaurants across the borough.

The scheme launched nationally to help boost the economy following the lockdown has seen customers flock to restaurants across town.

Jack Halsall, owner at Old Moor Tavern, said: “It’s been very busy, especially at the start of the week.

“Towards the end of the week things started to quieten down and over the weekend, it was incredibly quiet again.

“But on the whole, it’s noticeably upped our trade and been a worthwhile move for us. Let’s hope it continues.”

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Amir Islam, the owner of Balti Palace in Darton, told the Chronicle: “Honestly it’s been absolute chaos. If anything, we’ve found it hard to keep up with the amount of custom.

“We’re a small restaurant so we’ve had to make sure things are complying with social distancing.

“There’s been a noticeable dip at the weekend, but we’ve been busier than ever on the whole which is great.”

Thurgoland Green Dragon’s landlady Kerry Dunning added: “We’ve been getting along quite nicely and been seeing some new faces pop along.

“It’s been hard to predict how busy it’s going to be, one day we’ll be packed full and on other days it’s been noticeably quieter.

“We’ve been pleased with how its gone so far and hope people have enjoying dining out with us.”

The Eat Out to Help Out scheme will run until August 31 in all participating venues.