A WOMAN who suffers from a chronic bowel disorder has organised a music festival to raise money to help find a cure.

Tanya Dodd, 21, was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease in 2011 but admits until then, she'd never heard of it. Now, she's organised Crohn's Fest at Birdwell Venue featuring singers Emily Worton from The Voice and The Richards from the X-Factor.

Tanya, of Corporation Street, Barnsley, said: "Until I was diagnosed I had never heard of it and my family didn't know what it was. My diagnosis was a bit different, because every time I went to eat something, I was choking on my food.

"You wouldn't think that had anything to do with my bowel but the disease is in my throat as well." Tanya had endless tests before being diagnosed and now tried to avoid certain foods including spicy dishes and cheese.
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"The condition is managed by medication, but I'm not doing very well with the medication and so it is not controlled. I was admitted to hospital about two weeks ago because I was bleeding quite badly and I just thought 'we need to raise awareness of this, there has to be a cure'."

She was kept in overnight but has since been discharged and is awaiting the results of some more tests. She said the disease had affected her social life, and said dining at restaurants could be tricky when trying to avoid certain foods. "It can be quite embarrassing," she said.

The festival aims to raise money for the Crohn's and Colitis UK Charity and Tanya hopes a cure can be found. Completing the line-up are Jamie Woodcock, Joe Leavers, Sidewinder, The Hearts and Jay Mya's newly-formed band Kid 85. The festival will start at 4pm on November 21.