STAIRFOOT roundabout can be difficult to navigate at the best of times but this driver seems to have come around it the wrong way.

Stuart Bennett caught this footage of a driver coming up Doncaster Road the wrong way on Tuesday night.

The 4x4 vehicle can be seen coming all the way up from the roundabout on the dual carriageway in the wrong direction, and seemingly realising his mistake, turned right into the entrance to Frankie and Benny’s after Stuart passed him.

“I just couldn’t understand how he’d done it,” said Stuart, 58, of Overdale Road, Wombwell.

“I can’t see how he could have got all the way around the roundabout the wrong way, so all I can think is he’s maybe come from Grange Lane on the wrong side of the road, and turned right, the wrong way around the roundabout, and into the first exit up Doncaster Road.”

Stuart coaches the Barnsley Ladies Rugby team at Shaw Lane and was on his way home from rugby at about 7.20pm when he caught the footage.

He bought his dashboard-mounted camera about a year ago ‘just in case’ of any incident, said he’d never filmed anything of interest at all until Tuesday night.

He posted the clip on Facebook and it’s had more than 15,000 views. To watch the video - which includes some strong language - click HERE