AN opticians that has stood the test of time on a changing high street is continuing to evolve.

Norwood and Perrin, in Eldon Arcade, has been in Barnsley since the 1930s making it the longest-established independent opticians still running.

“The original owner, Eddie Norwood, started before the NHS,” said director David Dand, who took over the business in the 80s.

“When the business started it was almost all independents in Barnsley. But we’ve outlasted them all.

“It’s a real changing scene but we try to keep up. This sort of display was unheard of back when we started, we weren’t even allowed to put the prices on things back then.”

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David’s former partner Colin Goss, who worked under the original owners Edwin Norwood and Frank Perrin, retired five years ago leaving David, 67, and son Peter to continue the shop’s almost 90-year legacy. The shop recently celebrated a refurbishment - its first full-scale refit since it moved to the premises in the arcade in 1973.

“We could’ve changed the name,” said David, of Paddock Road, Staincross. “But a lot of people still know the name and there’s a certain amount of tradition to it.”

Peter, 33, added: “We have a loyal customer base that can remember when Colin was here testing eyes. They probably know more about the business than I do.”

Optometrist David has taken a step back from the business to allow younger staff to conduct tests and Peter to handle dispensing and day-to-day management, but he said it’s proving hard to leave the business that has ‘been his life’.

“I didn’t know what I wanted to do after university, and my dad said there was a practice here if I wanted it,” Peter said. “And I’ve been here about ten years. Hopefully I’ll retire with it.”