ACTION is being taken to slow down vehicles at an accident blackspot which resulted in the death of a popular woman last year.

Brierley Residents’ Group urged the police to step up their work on Common Road at a local crime meeting held earlier this year, where police revealed that the South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership had been contacted following the death of pedestrian Jacqueline Wileman last September.

Although calls for its camera van to visit were rejected - because of ‘unsuitability as to where the vehicle could park’ - the local policing team responsible for Brierley secured a speed indicator device which was fitted on a lamp post last week.

Mum-of-two Mrs Wileman, of Oak Street, Grimethorpe, was walking on her daily route which included Common Road when a stolen HGV, travelling at more than 50mph, failed to negotiate a left-hand bend and careered into her before hitting a house, which had to be demolished.

However, other notable incidents have taken place since, including a crash involving a scooter which left a teenager with serious injuries.

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It’s hoped the device, which flashes a ‘slow down’ message and displays the road’s 30mph limit to oncoming traffic, will make motorists think twice, although the group still want to have a fixed speed camera fitted in the future.

Spokesman Lynda Armstrong said: “Common Road goes from being a 60mph limit near Burntwood Court to 30mph in a short space of time. We’ve seen the impact speeding has had there in the last year and all we’re asking for is that something is done to deter motorists from going too fast.

“It was frustrating the camera van couldn’t visit as it’s often parked on Brierley Road in Grimethorpe, which connects onto Common Road, but the issue is concerning in Brierley as it’s the left-hand bend coming into the village that continues to catch people out.

“This speed indicator device is welcome, though, as it’s a result of our concerns being registered at local police meetings but the long-term aim is definitely to get a fixed speed camera fitted in Jacqueline’s memory.”

Four men - Karn Hill, Wayne Carroll, Alan Mawhinney and David Mellor - are all serving sentences of between nine and 13 years in prison for causing Mrs Wileman’s death by dangerous driving.

Her brother, Johnny Wood, backed the calls for a fixed speed camera on the road, while a community-led speed watch has also been formed which sees residents check vehicles with the force’s hand-held speed gun.

He added: “We often visit the road where Jacqueline was killed to lay flowers and even then cars are coming past way above the limit. There are 30mph signs way before that point, it’s just that people aren’t taking any notice.

“I definitely support the calls to reduce speed on the road and a camera is needed. If the HGV hadn’t have been speeding, Jacqueline would have still been here.

“Although the left-hand bend coming into the village is bad, I’ve seen speeding occur both ways but a speed camera would give drivers no choice but to stick to the limit.”

The matter will be discussed at a crime meeting which will be held at Cudworth Fire Station on Wednesday at 2pm.