BARNSLEY has been named as one of the top ten towns and cities in the north of England for the amount of plastic recycled this year.

In May, the United Kingdom was the first country to make a national climate emergency declaration in an attempt to help slow the effects of climate change. As part of this, the government set a target to get 65 per cent of households recycling by 2025.

New figures have been released by the Body Shop which show how much plastic has been recycled from last year which place Barnsley in the top ten across the north. Barnsley places eighth on the list, with 3,844 tonnes of plastic sent for recycling and beats Wakefield and Rotherham. The amount of plastic Barnsley recycled contributed 1.74 per cent of Yorkshire’s total of 9,038 tonnes and this is equal to 24 Blackpool Towers or 212 Angels of the North.

Paul Castle, service director for environment and transport, said: “To be included alongside some big cities is a credit to our residents, and I would like to thank them for all their efforts.”