A SCHOOL was closed due to issues with the water supply for a second time in two years after tests last Friday revealed the presence of the potentially lethal legionella bacteria.

Lacewood Primary School, in Bolton-upon-Dearne, was closed on both Monday and Tuesday this week in order to carry out some urgent maintenance and sterilise the water system after abnormal readings were found.

No cases of the potentially fatal Legionnaires’ disease have been confirmed.

The school said the water has now been sterilised and certified safe and pupils returned on Wednesday, but some parents have claimed ‘a lot’ of children have been ill and off school.

A parent who asked not to be named told the Chronicle her daughter had been off school ill since last week, with symptoms she said were similar to Legionnaires’ disease.

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She also said her little girl had been in the area where the bacteria had been found.

“I’m still concerned as she has a temperature and I will probably end up taking her back to the doctors,” she said.

The school has confirmed that legionella bacteria was found in a part of the school.

Lacewood released a statement which said: “Legionella bacteria was detected in an isolated area of the school but a decision was taken to close the whole school and sterilise the entire water system to keep everyone safe and prevent the issue from getting any worse.

“As we’ve informed parents, part of routine maintenance includes regular water samples and temperatures being taken to test for any abnormalities. Following abnormal bacteria readings on Friday, a decision was taken to sterilise the water system, as a precaution and in line with guidance from the Health and Safety Executive.

“There have been no confirmed cases of illness at the school as a direct result of these abnormal readings.

“Following the sterilisation of the water system further water sample readings have come back as normal.”

Even with the statement and the school being open again to pupils, parent Graham Diamond remained concerned.

He said this is the second time in two years that the school has had to close due to issues with the water supply.

The 33-year-old also said he is angry that the school has not reassured parents and staff that the issue wouldn’t happen again.

“It’s absolutely ridiculous really,” said Graham, of Bolton-upon-Dearne.

“Luckily my two have not been unwell.

“The head teacher confirmed it was legionella bacteria. We have been in contact with other parents on Facebook and there’s a lot of kids that didn’t go back to school. I didn’t want my kids to go back really but I don’t want to affect their attendance.

“The whole thing is totally unacceptable. I want reassurance this won’t happen again and I will have to seriously think about moving my children to a different school to keep them safe. This has happened two years in a row now. It’s 2019 not 1919, why is this happening?”

Another parent, who did not wish to be named, spoke to the Chronicle and said a text from the school was sent on Saturday informing everyone of the two-day closure.

“It was so last minute and we were a bit in shock,” said the parent. “The head teacher said there’s been no confirmed cases of illness but how would it be known as the school has been closed?

“They need to be doing everything to ensure that this won’t happen again.”

The school is currently open and said in the statement: “We thank parents, carers and staff for their understanding while the school has been closed.

“The health and safety of everyone at the school is at the forefront of all we do.”