HUNDREDS of gifts have been hidden all over Ardsley just waiting to be found.

Members of Christ Church, Ardsley, have knitted and crocheted about 340 angels which they have spread all over the village tied to lamp posts, railings, benches and kids play equipment.

“We hope people will find them, take them and hopefully post a picture on our Facebook page telling us where they’ve been found,” said Rev Fiona Kouble.

“For some people Christmas is a great time of love and enjoyment, but for some, it’s not such a great time.

“These are out there for anybody and everybody to find. We’re just praying that whatever happens, that whoever finds them, it brings a moment of joy into their lives.

“There’s not a lot you get for free nowadays. This is a little gift just to say you’re not alone this Christmas.”

The project has been inspired by the national campaign on social media #XmasAngels.